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Fleet Charging Solutions

Get a definite competitive edge.

Go Green with BlueCharge and Unlock Growth.

With our experience, Go Blue realizes the unique charging requirements of your electric light-, medium-, and heavy-duty fleets. We work with you to adapt solutions that maximize operational performance and future proof your electrification plans as you scale. To learn more, contact our experts or download our Fleet Solutions Overview below.

A Green Solution for Every Need.

Turnkey Solutions

Get the fast charging solution for your electric vehicles’ fleet when it matters the most.

Dedicated Stations

Want to protect operational integrity and control the pricing? Get your dedicated stations.

National Access Program

Your fleet will never stop with access to our vast network of fast-charging stations.

The Colour of Growth is Green.

While consumers and governments are working together to scale electric vehicles, only the businesses in the supply chain can create a ripple effect. 

Join the revolution. Get the edge. Try BlueCharge.

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