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Empowering EV Owners

We are here to provide a seamless transition to every electric vehicle owner who has decided to take a step towards a greener and better future.

EV Charging Basics

Charging your electric vehicle is easier than refuelling a conventional car. Whether you own a new electric vehicle or have bought a used one, there will always be a charging station that suits your needs. All you have to do is determine the charger type, the preferred choice of station, currently available power, and the distance you can safely cover with a fully charged battery.

Level 1 Charger

If you are using a home-based charger, there is a high chance you are using a Level 1 Charger. These chargers are designed to deliver up to 15 amperes of power in a single-phase setup and provide 10 km to 20 km of charge with one hour of charging, depending on the efficiency and age of your car’s battery pack. You can use the default charging cord available with your car for these chargers.

Level 2 Charger

While portable charging stations provide some convenience, they deliver suboptimal charging times. Level 2 chargers provide up to 400% faster charging with a guaranteed 7 kilowatts of power. This means that you will never see an empty battery in the morning if you plug the car overnight. If you plan to charge your EV at your residential property, the best investment you can make to enhance your usability of this vehicle is installing a Blue Charge fast-charging unit.

Level 3 Charger

These are the most efficient charging stations available and deliver up to 500 amperes of power in a three-phased setup with DC power. The higher charging capacity delivers a fully charged battery in less than 15 minutes. So, all you have to do is plug, enter your card, and wait for a few minutes before you get up to 150 km in driving range on your battery. You will find such chargers easily under network of Blue Charge.

Electronic Vehicles and Plug Types

Depending on the EV brand and age of the vehicle you use, you will find some differences in the types of chargers suitable for your cars. For instance, Tesla, Audi, and Nissan have different EV plug designs. This might sound challenging, but you will find the plug perfectly engineered for your vehicle at most commercial charging stations.

Public Charging

Public charging includes all the commercial charging locations and fast-charging networks like BlueCharge. With Level 2 or 3 chargers, the plug type best-suited for your car, and hardly a few minutes of waiting time you can get a full battery. Moreover, most public charging stations have sufficient amenities to keep you engaged for even the 15-20-minute waiting period.

EV Road-Trip

Electric vehicles are now replacing fossil fuel-driven cars across the board. And road trips are no different! All you have to do is trace the route for your entire road trip and locate the nearest BlueCharge station. This way, you will have access to convenient, affordable, and fast-charging stations around you - no matter where you are. We take care of the charging so you can take charge of all the fun!

Home-Based Charging

Electric vehicle charging is an intuitive process. Across Australia and New Zealand, you have the option of charging your EV at your home, with a portable charger, or at a fast-charging station powered by BlueCharge. We are solving problem of selecting right charger for your home by providing best solution to homeowners according to their requirement and developing one of the widest networks of charging stations across Australia.

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