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Need the Power? We’re Here.

Who does not love the idea of company-branded common chargers? Everyone who is in a rush. While we love what certain brands have done for the EV charging infrastructure across Australia, we know there is room for improvement. And that is why we have developed the BlueCharge EV Charging Network. The next time your electric vehicle is in the need of a power boost, look for a BlueCharge station, and you will find one within ten miles of your location. 

Plug, Charge, and Move!

You should not need a training manual to understand how to charge your EV. Our technology allows us to deliver a seamless charging experience every time you use a BlueCharge charging station. All you have to do is - plug the charger into your car, use your Electrify Australia app, your Program Card, or your credit card, and - you are done! Say ‘no’ to standing in queues. The future is here.

Always Accessible Charging.

The BlueCharge EV Charging Network is designed for ease of use. And, to make that happen, we needed to make the charging station accessible. So, we did exactly that. Now you can find a BlueCharge station within a ten-mile radius across Adelaide. We have also worked to ensure that the right charging heads, voltage, and updated user interface are available at each station so you can charge your EV without zero hassles.

Support Other EV Drivers.

Every EV driver, much like you, deserves convenience while charging. The more etiquettes you put in, the easier it will be for other drivers to use the charging facility. In this direction, use only the designated parking space for active charging, disconnect the vehicles immediately after a full charge and move ahead, and be friendly to your fellow EV drivers - you are making the world a better place!

The Accessible, Low-Cost, and Fast-Charging Revolution.

In our mission to build a greener Australia, we established one of the first operating principles: fast, easy, and low-cost. We worked around the clock to engineer a fast-charging solution that was easy for EV owners and drivers. Our industry partnerships and operational efficiency helped us deliver on the promise of low costs. But, behind the three operating principles, we worked harder to ensure another idea - the BlueCharge EV Charging Network. We wanted to ensure that anyone who drove an EV and did her/his/their part in making Australia greener should not have to struggle to find a charging station. After tremendous research and work on establishing partnerships, we have started gaining momentum in delivering on this mission. Stay tuned and keep an eye for the BlueCharge EV charging station near you.

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