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Great hardware assures consistent performance. But software delivers optimal performance in the face of all constraints and volatility in the surrounding environment. Our software platform covers a comprehensive range of touchpoints in the charging ecosystem and empowers our partners to do more with less.

Our software package comes with:

  • A secure online platform and mobile application to monitor and manage the entire charging network
  • Support local discovery for customers looking for charging stations in your market
  • Execute one-time, recurring, and ongoing transactions with safe integrations across the payment gateway ecosystem
  • Capabilities to deliver trend analysis reports, historical data, and real-time analytics that help our business partners

With a singular, integrated, and safe platform, our technology delivers superior management capabilities when compared to several third-party IoT device management and many native EV infrastructure maintenance applications. All the power now lies in your hand. Ride the green wave and get the competitive edge you have always sought, with Blue Charge on your side.

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