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About Us

BlueCharge Australia

About Electrify Australia

Our Mission

Making innovative, cost-effective, and fast-charging technology accessible to businesses and EV consumers across Australia.

Our Vision

Making Australian green technology revolution a growth catalyst for businesses and a fundamental part of Australian life.

Our Objectives

Bluecharge team wants ,and working hard, to make the process of supporting green energy easy and smooth while enhancing daily life of people.


We understand that every Australian wants to save the planet and be a part of the EV revolution. But, you still have to get to work, make that delivery, or run your business. Good intentions cannot stand in the way of daily life. And our workaround for this is - integrate good intentions with everyday life. Our fast charging technology ensures that using our charging stations saves you time and gives you one more reason to go green with BlueCharge!


When we first started designing BlueCharge, 'easy' was not an attribute we aimed to deliver. Our focus was on something rather broad - convenience. But in the design & engineering iterations process, we figured out that making it easy will make it convenient. And since then, every product decision at BlueCharge has revolved around one goal - make it as easy to use as possible and then a little easier.


We believe electric vehicles and green mobility should be treated as a fundamental right. Every individual who has access to a car should be able to get an EV. While that is a reasonable goal, it can be achieved only when EV car ownership becomes cost-effective. And that begins with us in the charging ecosystem. Our innovative charging stations are optimized for low-cost charging, so EVs are accessible to everyone in Australia.

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