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The Future is Green. Are You?

Green stands for sustainability & growth. And we are here to deliver both.

Building a Greener Australia. Today.

Our green, cost-effective, and fast-charging tech is changing how car-owners, policymakers, and businesses interact with green tech. Be a part of the change and grow.

Fast. Easy. Low-Cost.

We are building the most convenient and cost-effective fast-charging network in Australia. And we are pushing the boundaries – 100% renewable energy is just the beginning. The future we are engineering for will have fast charging energy available at an affordable price for every EV driver, owner, and operator across Australia.

1. Plug the Charger

Plug our easy-to-use charger into your vehicle.

2. A Few Clicks on the App

Use the Bluecharge App, your Program Card, or your Credit Card.

3. Relax!

Our chargers adapt to your car’s power calibration so you may relax!

Plug-In. Fast Charge. On the Go.

Would you be interested in not waiting for the future or charging your car at the station? If yes, BlueCharge is precisely what you need.


What people have to share behalf of us

Be the Beacon for Change & Growth.

Join our partner network to explore a new growth horizon with installed-for-you BlueCharge power stations available at cost-effective prices.

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