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Robust, resilient, and reliable hardware is central to effective EV charging. And well-engineered EV stations are the support system required to run provide EV charging.

Blue Charge solutions provide you with accelerated charging that safeguards your environment, property, and electric vehicle with available options in the range of 10a, 15a, and fast DC chargers on long driving routes. All our hardware is carefully manufactured in our partner and in-house facility and tested for safety, performance, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness against industry benchmarks.

While portable chargers are convenient, they are not optimal. EV owners should alternatively invest in Level 2 AC charging stations that are mounted to their residential or commercial property by a certified electrician. This will unlock 10x faster charging and provide additional security with thermal regulation seamless integration with solar panels. In next to no time, you will see our technology pay the bills for itself, using the savings induced by our fast-charging technology.

Hardware options

7.5Kw Single Phase

22KW Three Phase

DC Fast Charger

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